Wake Me Up When Music and Content Gets Clever Again, and The Words Tell A Real Story


Fuck it.

I called it.

I’m not one for swearing in my writing, but, well, it happens when I feel passionately about something, and today’s words will talk about that.

Wake me up when we stop talking so much, and start listening again, to each other, and absorbing what another has to say.

Wake me up when the music industry and the beings within it formerly known as humans, have a story to tell, or intelligence, or wisdom to pass on.

Wake me up when less becomes more, and so many stop trying so hard for their 15 minutes.

Wake me up when the words and the music that we allow into our minds, our hearts, and our souls becomes less about “creating content that goes viral”.

Wake me up when the music and the words tell a story so true that my heart skips a beat.

I am sick to death of hearing ‘music’ about poor life decisions, and multiple sexual partners, and how many exes one needs to get back at. I am sick to death of people being elevated beyond need for being little more than a puppet.

I am sick to death of the artists that soldier on telling it like it is, and like it once was, when we had backbones and are being shamed or called controversial, yet we sit back and allow our minds to be slowly poisoned by things so fake in this world.

Without controversy, or honesty, nothing ever changes.

So often when the word ‘industry’ is attached to anything, it goes to shit. So much of the music world today is about clicks, views, likes and shares. That’s about it. The content is terrible, and the beat has been recycled more times than that pair of underwear we just cant throw out.

When did so much of the world become so desperate to just pump out information, irrespective of its source, or the impact it will have on the reader, or the listener? When did it become ok to effectively teach 5 year olds to twerk? When did it become ok to raise our kids in front of machines where they kill living things in “games”, and then wonder why a few grow up to go on and do it in real life?

It goes much deeper than just poor lyrics and the same tune day in day out, song after song.

It is infiltrating the minds of the most vulnerable; in a hypnotic manner. The children, and the adults who did not develop the capacity for original thought, are a lost cause.

It is actually not cool for a nation of teenage girls to be gyrating to the beat of a song written by a company needing to make money using a puppet who is marketed as an ‘artist’.

It is not cool for this same demographic to then go on and make, or worse, not make important life decisions because they believe if they just ‘shake it off’ with the girls on the weekend, all will be ok.

It won’t.

But that is ok; we just have to learn to navigate through the dark days.

A dark day is not a dark life.

Where are the modern day Aretha Franklins? The David Bowies? The Janis Joplin’s? Where are the artists who are in it for the right reasons? Not just because they won a contest.

I’ve worked with the most vulnerable children and teenagers for over a decade now, and there have been many changes amongst this demographic. Without going off on a tangent about Social Media, let’s talk about the words and the noise formerly known as music going into their vulnerable minds.

Let’s talk about what they have access to on their phones at a young age. Let’s talk about having the end user, listener or reader in mind when we are releasing content to the world. Let’s talk about the teenager who reads the “10 reasons you are anxious” article on Buzzfeed, who then decides that this is a diagnosis, but in the next moment, reads “10 reasons why you are in control of your life”, so then in the matter of seconds, this vulnerable mind has gone from believing everything in their life is out of control, to believing that it is all ok, and then they see something else shiny, or hear something else that they feel rings true, so here we go again.

Too much careless content floating around the ether these days, too many detached beings just hoping the next click will change their life. I’m a writer, among other things, but writing is my jam, and I am sure as fuck 100% aware of who will read what I am writing. I never tell anyone what to do, or what do think, but I offer the reader tools on how to think. I have faith that there are still those out there that do have the capacity to entertain original thoughts.

We no longer should be teaching kids what to think, but how to think. How to ask questions, how to challenge things they don’t agree with, or feel are not right. We need to stop attacking each other in the comments section of almost every news article, video, or photo online.

Why can’t we just be objective?

Why do so many things need to be about drama, or hating, or filling the day with bitchy conversations about what someone said to us, life is too short!

So many unhinged beings walking the Earth, just trying to find something, or someone to cling to, never learning what it is like be at one with who they are. To nurture themselves, to love themselves, to really get down and deep and put in place boundaries, plans, goals, to go fourth and really live, not just exist, as too many are doing.

If you inject a human with poison, they will die, if you slowly drip it into their bloodstream, they will build a tolerance towards the poison, but they will get sick eventually, perhaps live a lesser quality of life, and then die.

Poison is also delivered in the form of information, music, and words, subliminal messaging if you will. This is exactly what is occurring in this day and age and it is not good.

So maybe what you have read here just now feels like poison and to that I say good. Because if it has given you a rise of some sort, then my work here is done, for the moment.

I’m happy to cop a spray about why my words do not agree with you, I’m happy to talk at length about what part you think is not accurate.


Because it serves no purpose to trade insults back and fourth based on something we see and don’t like, but to put ego’s aside for just one second, and to have an honest and objective conversation about where to from here, for the sake of ours and our children’s futures, is invaluable.

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