To You – The Sensitive Soul Finding Your Strength

Sensitive Soul

To you, the sensitive soul finding your strength, I would like to open with this, keep going!

You know who you are, and you know what you are capable of. You know where you are going, and you know where you have been. Second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day, your base level of your low points is raising, so on the low days, you don’t fall so far, and when you do, know you have the strength to get back up.

An awakening has been going on for quite some time about now, I’ve written about it too many times to reference each one, but I could almost be certain in saying that at least every second piece I write talks about it.

I’d say it started in around 2012, or perhaps that was when I became aware of much that was going on in the world that seemed a little, off, shall we say?

Ignorance is bliss.

This short saying keeps coming to me lately, often when I am out and about and I see or hear people arguing over material objects, or talking about their so-called friends behind their backs, or other smaller minded conversations.

I then think though, is being ignorant to the larger goings on in the world really a state of bliss?


Are these people living in a Utopian existence?

And it is I, an awakened one, who is doing it all wrong?

Short answer – no.

Long answer, another time, another post.

Right now I am talking to you, the soul that is feeling all of the feelings, feeling all of the highs, and feeling all of the lows.

(Disclaimer – If you feel that your state of mind or other symptoms are getting worse and quite rapidly – seek professional help – there are links at the bottom of this post)

Today I am talking to YOU;

  • To the sensitive soul who is up late every night googling their health symptoms and deciding which mental illness they have according to the Internet.
  • To the sensitive soul who is beginning to feel like no one understands them anymore, whose interests are peaking far and wide in all the abstract beauty that there is in this world.
  • To the sensitive soul who is choosing to stay in on the weekends with a book, or to simply sleep, rather than go out, because the outside world and the energies are becoming all too consuming.
  • To the sensitive soul who can go days without speaking to another, who just yearns to be on their own and doing what they please with their time.
  • To the sensitive soul who just left their entire old life behind one day, not knowing for what reason, but knowing that if you stayed there, then your future was set in stone, which choked you up inside, and though leaving meant diving into the unknown, everything about that seems exhilarating.
You are supported and you will be ok.

You will have days where everything seems like a challenge, but also you will have days where everything flows like water.

As we can have four seasons of weather in one day, we beings can sure as shit have four moods in one day.

Summer, Winter, Autumn, Spring, Rain, Hail, Sun, Storms – the seasons and the elements they possess all exist within us too.

You will have days where it feels like hard work just to breathe, then you will have others where you could climb a mountain without taking one.

Where you have a day where everything seems too much, think where, and how, and why you may have over-exerted yourself the previous day.

Where you feel yourself and your day getting a little wired, take this as your queue to bring it back a notch, and to regulate your energy, spread it evenly across your weeks, months and your years.

Learn to appreciate and respect that there are larger forces at work in this life, on this planet, and within this Universe. Approach as much as you can in your life with a relaxed belief that it is all going to work out, some way, somehow, perhaps not the way you thought it would, but everything will work out as it was always going to.

Look around at where you could possibly be standing in your own way, and move.

Move out of your way so that life can flow to you, not be pushed away from you.

The inhale and the exhale of life force energy is what keeps our bodies and our minds going, and it does so without effort.

To the sensitive soul just finding your strength.
You are changing, you are growing, you are evolving.
Nothing in life ever stays the same, yet at the same time, everything stays the same.

I’ll leave you with this video which I watch from time to time when I feel like my shell is about to break, and I need a new one.

Also here is some reading about this if you wish.

You will be fine.

As per above, if you feel that what you are going through is more than you are equipped to deal with, please visit the following links to seek further assistance.

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