The Quest For Depth In A World That Feels So Shallow


The world and its occupants breathing oxygen, as much as they preach their longing for authenticity and depth in their lives, I feel, want anything but.

Sure, my views could well be skewed by our friend the Internet, but I feel that in the current day, more so than ever, the Internet and the opinions and noise it houses are a good measure of the state of mind most humans are in over the course of a day, or at 3am when no one is around, or at anytime they are in nature and feel the need to reach for their phone.

Wellness, and living a full life is quite trendy at the moment, and when something becomes trendy, it is not long before many come along to milk it for large amounts of cash to pursue the laptop millionaire dream lifestyle that again, I am sure only exists on the Internet, what ever that means.

Wellness to me is something that I was perhaps born into I guess you could say. Eat home cooked food at least 3 times a day, sleep at least 8 hours a night, and occupy yourself with activities in the remaining hours that feeds your soul and expands your mind.

I can’t decide if I am fortunate in that my parents got it right by feeding me, educating me and allowing me to develop into my own person by choosing what I want to do in life, all be it with the understanding that in life we do have responsibilities of which sometimes we do not enjoy.


If that somewhere between my birth, and today, many people got caught up in the quest for connection to all things external, and have completely overlooked that everything they need has been inside them the whole time.

Living a holistic life is an interesting one, in that I believe that in order to do so, one must understand that we beings are more often than not all walking contradictions in some aspects of our lives, and that we are often also consistently inconsistent. No one being gets it right all of the time, and no one being has the right to judge another until they have walked a mile in their shoes.

Many cast judgement without a second thought on those who they perceive to be less fortunate, without even considering that they themselves could be in the others shoes over night. I write this not from the top of my high horse, but from the perspective that I too have judged others, and will continue to do so.


I have done and will continue to do so with an awareness of the above point and with that, will always bring myself back to centre, a place not too many are familiar with I fear.

I was at a wellness type event recently about food and what types of food are good for us to eat. It was a fantastic event and the host covered all bases. I couldn’t help but notice however that the co-host, who was all about healthy eating and living a full life happily sat while their child mindlessly played on an iPad.

I found this quite interesting in that where often we put so much emphasis into to doing so well in one aspect of our life, we can just as easily drop the ball on another. Sure, ingesting good food is key to our growth and wellbeing, but so is ingesting good information via the tools and mediums available to us.

However, I have written about this above, I am, and was fully aware at the time that I was casting judgment upon the situation, and may have completely mis-read it, and I am ok with that and quite happy to be challenged. For all I know the child could have been doing an educational activity, or something to occupy them as they may have had behavioural issues, there are so many reasons why people do certain things, and it is important to always pull yourself back to centre and try to evaluate the many possibilities of situations.

I feel that if more people understood that they were walking contradictions in some aspects of their lives, display hypocritical behaviours and so on, but actually OWNED IT, rather than defending or deflecting it, then maybe we could laugh at ourselves a little more and lighten up a bit.

The next time you are speaking to someone who is telling you about their holier than thou existence, listen not only to the words that they are saying, but also to those which they are not.

Think about that.

The quest for depth in this world truly does start with you, and from within. If you do not know what you are looking for within yourself, then you are going to struggle to find it out there in this vast world of ours. If you do not know where you are going, then you will never lead anyone anywhere, and there are too many leading people no where at this point in time, do something different, break away from the pack and start a knowing of where you are going.

Something else which I find intriguing about the world we live in, is this desire to explore outer space and the Universe as many call it. Yet, we seem to have neglected our own Oceans, and the core of the Earth, symbolic of our own behaviour don’t you think?

I do however have faith in the passive and more grounded voice of many that is finding its way back into the light, and back into the minds of many who have lost their way in the noise, and that is really much of what we take in day to day is, it’s noise, not born of substance, or intelligence.

The shift starts with you, it starts with responding to a situation, not reacting, it starts with your words, but before that,, it starts with choosing to speak or not in the first place.

Be selective where and on what you spend your time. If you have a desire to write a book but you are spending your days scrolling through your many newsfeeds on Social Media, ask yourself;

“Is this writing my book?”
“Is this getting me closer to my goals in life?”

If the answer is no, and I would be confident in saying that it is a no, then stop what you are doing and write, or get out and start doing what you were born to do.

Don’t get me wrong, we are allowed some mindless time in life, but if the majority of our day is mindless, then something needs to change.

We can’t go to the bank and ask for a loan for more time, we only get one allocation, and one chance to use it wisely, make the right choice for you, and then perhaps those who you have been trying to lead somewhere will see you are finally going there and will follow.

You can only try, so start today.

6 thoughts on “The Quest For Depth In A World That Feels So Shallow

  1. Gail Kaufman Reply

    Don’t judge the mom too harshly for allowing her child to use an iPad. The child could have been reading or playing a game, but even if it was mindless behavior, kids need that sometimes too. Also, the device probably served as a good distraction for the child while mom fulfilled her co-host duties. It doesn’t mean she dropped the ball in parenting.

    • Scanphilosophy Post authorReply

      I agree, I was reflecting again on the post and the situation and included an edit that covers just that. The post is talking about how anyone and everyone can be focussed on one thing at one point and miss another, but it all works out in the end providing we take time to reflect and try again.

      • Gail Kaufman Reply

        I admire your ability to have an open mind and see things from someone else’s point of view. That’s a wonderful qualityโ˜บ

        • Scanphilosophy Post authorReply

          Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ And I thank you for your first comment, I had an underlying intention behind this post in its entirety to provoke thought and a response from those who read it, plus also it showed that many of us are on the same thought wavelength, in that at the time you were writing your comment, I was more than likely putting my edit in ๐Ÿ™‚ Love synchronicity ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. effcaa Reply

    Love your writing, this is so good, especially how you say “The quest for depth in this world truly does start with you, and from within.”……….. or how you say “responding to a situation, not reacting”…. Happy Wednesday from London!

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