The Gap Between Them and Us

The Gap

I feel like this headline cuts across so many facets of what we are told life is.

In so much that we do, there is where we are, where we wish to be, where we are told we should be, and so on and so forth.

I am forever amazed each day as I learn more and more about myself and the world around me, how much bluff goes into life and all that it is made up of.

I flick between taking so much on face value and questioning nothing, to taking nothing on face value and questioning everything. For as much as this can sound like the mind of someone who is indecisive, I believe this could not be further from the truth. I feel it is more of the mind of one who can see both or multiple sides of the tales we are told, of the mind that knows when to question, but also when to not. Of the mind that is forever expanding, much like the minds around the mind, and the mind in which the mind exists, that being the mind of this thing we have termed the Universe, again, without so much as questioning why, but often just learning as young humans that it was called this for x reason based on y observation and written down.

I’ve just in the last six months authored three books, two of which I am self-publishing and the last, I have opted to pitch to a publisher. One thing that I could not get past when I held my first book in my hand was; “wow, I am now one of ‘them’”. As if they, who were the authors of all books I had read up until writing my own, were this species of beings that perhaps did not exist, but as those who were “out there” writing all of these words of wisdom my mind was wanting so badly to soak up.

The duality of the mind, and often our existence is a beautiful thing in my opinion, in that for as many times as I question how or why we humans are the way we are and why the world is the way it is, I retreat back into my circle of control where it is safe and warm knowing that there are questions I will never know the answer to. And even if I were to, it would never suffice. My mind would always be asking “but if it is that, then is it this?” or, “but when it is doing that, then is it also doing this over there?” and so on, and so forth.

Forever ticking, forever expanding, forever hungry for more knowledge, growing so much, yet standing in the same spot at the same time.

Where the gap between them and us seems like this giant roadblock in moving forward at times; is this gap not just the force of knowledge that is pulling us towards enlightenment? Being driven by those who have come before us who have so much to tell us, yet nothing to tell us at the same time, as most, if not all in this life is a process of action, figuring things out, and taking the next step in order to better ourselves?

And where we do take the next step, or sometimes the next leap, right into the gap of which does not so much exist, but in our minds, are we then creating a gap that exists behind us, for those that come after us to ponder what we have pondered? Only to realize after a period of time that there is nothing really to ponder, but there is only new things to learn, and we have not even created a gap, because gaps do not exist, only spaces of time that exist between the student and the teacher, or perhaps the leader and the follower.

Where you are now staring at what you perceive to be the gap between where you are, where you wish to be, where you see someone else being, and where you have allowed someone to tell you that you should be, is there a slight knowing that all is not quite how it seems?

Do you get a sense that you have been here before? Do you ever stop and consider that there is someone in the exact same mindset as you right now; only they are looking at you as you are looking ahead at others?

The next time you find yourself at this place, approach it with a different mindset, one of which where you consider that right there and then, you are not faced with a gap between where you are right now, and the next phase of life, or step, or leap, but you are merely looking at a distortion in this thing we called time, allowing you the time to take stock of what is around you, in order to make it the best and most rewarding step you will take, that being only the next one, and then again from there.

For the gap between them and us is not really there, we are just coming along on a different wavelength, at a different time, and with a different take on where to from here.

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