Manners Are For Free


Manners really are for free, well, at least I thought so until this…

I saw an interesting post on the new Facebook, formerly known as LinkedIn about how a person had witnessed a receptionist at a hotel greeting returning guests by their names and continuing past conversations. The author of the post noted the guests appeared “blown away” and were made to feel “truly valued” at the conduct of the receptionist. The comments that followed were all things praise, and from reading a few, it seemed people were most impressed by this person’s customer service skills.

One comment that stood out the most to me was this:

“That sort of thing would have been seen as normal a few years ago”.

How true, to the point and how it highlights what we have seemed to have lost in modern society.

I’m not quite sure what’s going on in the world, but where I come from, and in my daily life, knowing and remembering people’s names and asking them about what is going on in their lives since last talking to them is nothing new under the sun.

It’s manners, and guess what? They are for free! There is no app, no link in my BIO or you don’t get a free copy of my book on manners, they generally just come with being a good person.

How is it that manners have become such a rare and extraordinary concept?

How is it that someone being nice to us, or remembering our name or the last thing we talked about is something to be “blown away” by and makes us feel “truly valued?”

Don’t get me wrong, in no way am I taking away from the fact that whoever this person is, is a nice person and goes above and beyond to greet guests who come to the hotel they work at, but again, is it not just a given that we are treated well and treat others well? Sure, the world as we know it right now is a busy place, and often we can forget the basic minding of our P’s and Q’s, but, so long as we have the awareness within us to bring ourselves back to basic, then all can be forgiven can it not?

“Treat others as you wish to be treated” so the old saying goes, old sayings are not just old sayings for the sake of it, they are words that capture ways of life in years gone by that we should all be looking at more than we do. Perhaps in recent years this has been forgotten in the whole profit over people movement swallowing souls left right and centre, I can’t be sure.

Call me old fashioned, but I am bemused more and more each day at what people find “amazing” in this world. Far more often than not, they are the things I was taught growing up and live by each day, and amongst the noise of the world as we have allowed it to become I might add.

Without basic manners and being kind to one another, what else really is there that matters? I’d love most to consider this more often and find their way out of the maze that is the world we live in. But I am just one man with a dream, I am just one man with a voice, and all I hope from these words here today is that you take what I have said and file it under reflection, and do just that. Reflect on these words here and reflect on what they mean to you, and the life you live, and how you treat others and expect to be treated.

Simple things done well go a long way in this world, never forget that.

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