Do People Become Unhappy Because They Stop Living Their Truth? Or Because They Have No Direction?


Do People Become Unhappy Because They Stop Living Their Truth? Or Because They Have No Direction?

A friend of mine seeking advice posed this question to me and for a second I was stumped as I could answer it in a number of ways.

My first response was that I think the answer to this question is a couple of things being that;

  • The world as we know it takes us away from the ‘real’ things in life, and
  • That I think this is necessary for reasons such a being grateful and for finding purpose.

I’ve written a number of times about how the quest to become who one is, is not so about searching for it on the outside, but rather searching for it on the inside. This is nothing new and has been said many a time before, but I have also talked about how I believe we have these memories if you will that are ‘set’ deep inside of us. We create these memories when we are quite young, some say we choose to create them long before we incarnate into our being, another time for that. We create memories when we are young and they are then locked way into a vault, ‘life’ takes over.

We reach certain ages which means we must do certain things. We go to kindergarten, we go to school, we are taught how to put information into our brains and what to do with it. We are exposed to other humans, we are not quite sure what to do with them or around them but we generally figure it out, and we are told if we are doing the wrong thing.

So life keeps happening and we are working towards all of these milestone events. Learning to drive, discovering our sexual identity, turning 18, choosing an education path at a young age which we are told will be our career until 65, it goes on and on. But then something happens inside of us, I believe, for all of the milestones we have hit prior to this point, this ever growing feeling of dissatisfaction keeps gaining strength and momentum, becoming almost crippling at times, but we feel we are too far down a road to turn around or stop, until we are forced.

This right here is where we have gotten too far away from our truth, this right here is where we are lacking direction.
For as much as we feel or are said to be lacking direction, assuming the path we were on held any at all, we actually had direction the entire time.

Regardless of how stuck we feel sometimes, in a moment, in a day, in a week, in a year, we are continuously moving forward. Time keeps going regardless, the world keeps spinning, sure, our mindset can become stuck, but we generally work through it. Air comes in, air goes out, things are always moving.

Back to the question (s);
Do People Become Unhappy Because They Stop Living Their Truth? Yes.
Or Because They Have No Direction? We always have direction, sometimes it’s just misguided.
And let’s throw in another question to round this off.
What can one do when one feels like this?
I could give one of those generic wanker answers here like “well, I can’t answer that for you, only you can answer that”.
Deep right?

I’m going to answer it for you, I am not saying this is an exact science, but I’ve been working with people for a while, and not too much really changes between one to the next, there are basic needs at play always, the bones stay the same, people just wear different shades of lipstick, some even wear that Kylie Jenner shit, watch out for those ones.

Firstly, I’d like to say that when you start to feel like you are treading water, or you are feeling this awful emptiness inside, don’t panic. I cannot emphasise here enough how much panicking and freaking out will not help, it may get the attention of others, but it really will not help. When you start feeling this feeling, do reach out to someone though, reach out to someone you know and trust, reach out to someone who you feel can provide you some level of comfort. Do so also knowing that this person will not have all the answers you are seeking, but no one being ever does, but what will happen is that the more you exchange words and thoughts, the closer you will get to a feeling of enlightenment for yourself. You will start remembering things that have been buried for a long time, the clouds will start to part, but they will also close over again, this is not a one-stop shop here, this is the beginning of a process, which will take a long time, and one which you will never master, because when you do, you will be dead.

Life can be a bitch like that, but it really is great the rest of the time.

Imagine if you will, that one part of your life is going off to the left, that being the life you have been living since you were young. The life where you have gone through school, formed friendships and relationships with other people, started working, maybe gotten married or whatever, all of that stuff. Then the path on the right you are also walking is this deeper search for your own truth, which you are not quite sure of, but you keep walking regardless. You are walking both paths parallel to each other and at the same time. It’s a strange feeling, but a feeling of comfort all at once.

All I can say to you in this moment and when you feel this is occurring is trust in the larger process that is at work here. Go with everything that you think, hear, see and feel. Gain as much knowledge as you can from every source that you can, except avoid those bull shit articles online that start with “10 reasons why you are this or that”, the days of that crap are over. Read books, study nature, talk to people who are your senior, talk to people who are your junior, sit back, observe, listen. You will have more to say by not saying anything at all.

Give yourself a break too, so often I talk to people who are constantly at war with themselves. The literally are their own worst enemy. The inner dialog if poison, and you know how I know this? And again, this is not an exact science but it sure as hell works for me every time, what is going on inside of someone is going on outside of them. If someone’s life is falling apart around them, then it is falling apart inside of them. What I always say to people when they come to me at this point is this, get yourself a fuel gauge, take something in your life that if you don’t do, it bothers you greatly. Mine is my washing, if I’ve not done my washing, something is up. If I have dropped the ball in this area of my life, then I am out of sorts. It may sound petty, but it works for me. On the flipside, if my washing is all up to date and everything is folded and put way ready to go, then things are generally ok. Decide on what your non-negotiables are in your world and try your best to not deviate from them.

What I have said here today is enough to start a conversation, and that conversation starts inside your own head, practice getting your thoughts pleasant with yourself, and watch your entire outside world change. Your vibration will change, it will change from a static type one that I liken to being in between two radio stations, it will become clear and firm. Your voice will change, and the words that are spoken by it. You have to start somewhere, and this is more than likely where you will and should in my opinion.

This is where you will start to hone in on your truth, and you will do so via a number of ways. Just remember, keep on talking to others, keep on talking to yourself, pause and reflect along the way, reset your course when you need to, keep an eye on your fuel gauge, and keep moving forward, which, you are the entire time.


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      Thanks Gail 🙂 Its something I had to put in place myself when I went through a challenging time a while back, plus, I have to do my pesky washing!

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