The Shift From Greed To Empathy


A shift from a world that has been perhaps full of greed, to a world that shows more empathy, is happening, and it is a wonderful thing.


I have a lot of conversations with a lot of people. 


If you’ve read anything of mine before, this you will know as I often start off saying something like this. 

Lately, the topics have been about some of the ‘bigger’ questions in life.


Will we ever feel fulfilled? Will we ever find true love again? What is our purpose? Why is it that we seemingly have ‘everything’ in life but there is this nagging feeling that ‘something’ is missing?


How can it be that for those of us that are fortunate enough to live in the developed western world where we really don’t have to fear much, we typically have a place to sleep, and a rough idea of where our next meal is coming from, that life can, on occasion, feel like it is lacking so much?


I hesitated just now as I wrote about us being ‘fortunate’ to live in the developed western world, as I feel that this could very well be the problem. 


Go to school, get educated, make some friends, have a think about what type of job you’d like to do for a vast amount of time in your life, maybe meet someone, establish a dwelling, breed, have no time for yourself and focus your time and energy on raising young humans, while juggling all of these other commitments we accumulate. 


I question if this type of ‘format’ is where we here in the western world have 100% gone wrong. 


Where in this ‘format’ is there time to learn how to love, to learn how to lose, to learn how to grieve, to learn what it means to a human being? Where is the time to hit ‘pause’ on the machine that is this western way of living and to just say ‘well fuck it, I’m out, I’m going to live in a forest’


Many have done it I suppose, and no doubt many more will, heck, maybe I will, actually, I have no doubt that one day I will just take off and live in a forest, anyway, I’ve gotten off track, I do that, it’s where the best stuff happens!


In a conversation during the week with someone I just met, we were loosely talking about how many aspects of society are backwards, sure, argue that they are a certain way because they are achieving ‘a’ or ‘b’, but there is much that is backwards. I won’t go into it all now, maybe in a future podcast, should I choose to produce one. Back to the conversation I was having, this person was talking about how they had read that humanity is transitioning from being a greedy race, to that of a more empathetic one, and thank fuck for that I say. 


I’ve written a number of times over the months, years or however long I’ve been writing about how we as a species have been at a tipping point for a while, and how I felt this to start in 2012 and it has been one heck of a ride since. I’ve sat back and said not a lot on the topic because well, there really isn’t much new that is under the Sun and there is not much new I can bring to the table, I feel, that no one is already talking about. Regardless, this conversation about the shift to a more empathetic way of living ignited something inside of me. I think what it was was that it came from someone who I had pegged as not really being ‘into’ that sort of discussion. I made an assumption, I judged, I am human, and I was proven wrong, and I love that. I love it when people surprise me, it adds a layer of depth that perhaps I felt was not there, to both they and also to me.


The more I write here the more I feel like am getting closer to a conclusion, in that if we are as a species, a society, a community if you will shifting to a more empathetic way of living, then there is much work to be done to undertake such a change and a shift from the way we have been living an operating for a while. And it starts with talking, it starts with listening, it starts with really understanding what another is saying, how they are feeling, not just extracting the necessary amount of information from another being in order to tick a box on a form. 


So this feeling of something missing, and for so many to be feeling it at once, would surely indicate some sort of shift in beings on a mass level would it not? Just a theory I suppose, nothing more, nothing less. But in my mind that would explain why so many are feeling this need to connect again, to turn away from this digital and ultimately disconnected world we’ve allowed to be created right before our eyes and beneath our finger tips. We are craving a part of ourselves back that we voluntarily surrendered without realising it at the time, yet, the feeling of emptiness following its departure started to grow, calling on our inner tutor (intuition) to call us all back home and deal with it, to make some changes, and to really help others, not just be seen to be helping, for no reason other than validation. 


The shift from greed to empathy is happening, and it is wonderful.

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