The Conversations Are Shifting And They Are Eerily Similar


I realize that often we are influenced by our immediate environment and those around us, but I feel like I spend my time talking to a very diverse range of people; from all walks of life, rungs on the social status ladder, age, and many more variables.

Something that I can’t help but notice lately is no matter who I talk to, many are saying similar things.

I wish I could rattle off one of my famous lines and say that the most important communication that occurs between we humans is between the eyes, the heart and the soul and that this is about the long and the short of all we need in order to understand each other, but things are a bit more complex than that, necessary or not, perhaps another time for that discussion.

The conversations I find myself in lately are all eerily similar, they are changing, shifting, they have changed and they have shifted, the are all becoming one conversation through many channels, those channels being many human beings, many voices, many shapes and sizes, all singing a similar tune if you will, perhaps fed by one single source.

If we were to go global for a moment and take a look at what we are told is going on around the world in that of a looming war, never ending body shaming and online bullying masked by endless campaigns said to be addressing such things, but sadly do anything but. The constant failures of those who have been entrusted with the responsibility of leading our countries and societies for many years falling over left right and centre. Banks, banks, well, where does one start? Not too many have ever been fond of them and the way in which they operate but it would seem they are taking down their own reputations just fine. With these examples in mind, it is fair to say there is a bit going on.

Then there are those of us on the ground that are going about our days and our lives just trying to survive beneath all of this noise. Rarely complaining, doing the wrong thing or bothering anybody, but from what I’m hearing and what I am feeling, we are tired.

We are a little tired of negotiating our way through this maze that is the world we’ve allowed to be created before our very eyes. We are tired of being told that our call is important to someone who fails at most levels to address our issue when we finally get through. We are tired of putting out spot fires in our lives, our households, our workplaces, in in our relationships that are most precious to us due to an ever supposedly ‘evolving’ world which, for as much as our lives are relatively ‘easy’ as far as outsourcing tasks go, we’ve dropped the ball on the basics.

Communication, understanding one another, compassion, listening, empathy; basic skills that once upon a time were instilled into us as the only necessary skills to live a full life, have been pushed to the side in the pursuit of the dangling carrot, happiness. Chasing the rainbow for the pot of gold, when we had it the whole time, but we just forgot. Wondering how the neighbours garden is doing so well when we’ve not watered our own for months. Gazing off into the distance and calling it ‘pondering’, when it could well be labeled MS-DOS mode when our primary operating system has just fucking had enough.

So what does one do when they have had enough? Well, a few things, but typically, they start to yearn for change, for new ways of doing old things, for a sense of inner peace, for that love and connection that drives us forward on the darkest of days and loneliest of nights.

The conversations are shifting, they have shifted, and they will continue to shift. Perhaps the reason so many are so tired of the current ways of doing things in life is due to the fact that many have been asleep for too long, and are just now waking up, well, in this lifetime, as they have in the many previous.

But for all that there seems to not be sometimes when it all gets a bit much, there are a few things that remain constant no matter what.

  • Hope
  • Desire
  • A willingness to keep going

You’ll not find any of these three things on eBay, or for a bargain price online, but you will find that if you really get honest with yourself, that these three things have been with through the hard times and will continue to be with you for all that is coming your way. They’ll propel you forward into situations in life that you felt you would never be able to handle, and it is then you’ll realize, that you’ve never been afraid of all the things you cannot do, but rather of those that you can.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.
Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.
Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.
Marianne Williamson.

Should you find yourself in conversations with many people that are becoming eerily similar with people that you know and those that you meet, smile to yourself with the knowledge that things are going to be ok. Life has a way of just working out, and often it does not work out the exactly how we want it to, but it will always work out the way it is meant to. There are lessons to be learned all around us all of the time, and we learn these lessons so that we can go on and teach those that come behind us, and even sometimes those who came before us.

When everything seems like it is falling down, and the noise of the world becomes too much, just marvel at how much natural beauty and perfection there is in the world around us. The sheer fact that perfection is something we feel we can never achieve is sheer perfection in itself, remember that, and you will be just fine.

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