What Does It Mean To Just Be?


Sometimes things in life can become quite overwhelming, we can tend to bite off more than we can chew, or, tend not to take a bite at all, which ultimately ends up biting us, tis the circle we exist in.

Put it back on the planets, the cosmos, the goings on in this physical world, but lately, it’s been quite trying to complete some of the most simple of tasks. As many of you would be aware, I have worked in welfare for well over a decade and talk with people every day from all walks of life, and recently wrote about how the conversations are shifting among people and they are eerily similar.

I stumbled across my first work photo pass taken back in 2008 and compared it with my current photo taken this year. I joked with a friend how the guy in the old picture looked pretty fresh and eager, and while the guy in the second picture seemed to still look fresh-ish, there looked to be a lot more mental processing going on behind the eyes, and this is true.

Was the guy in the picture in 2008 just being? Or is the guy in the picture in 2017 just being, but perhaps with more awareness and a few extra miles on the clock? I never used to like people who referred to themselves in the third person, but it would seem I have become that person here today, obviously for illustrative purposes only.

I posed a question to the interwebs this week, what IS life? Prompted by an early morning discussion with a close friend of mine, my response:

“Well, life is a series of learning’s, activities and tasks whereby we must learn to do things in order to survive the journey, just to forget them at the end and need just as much help at this time as we did in the beginning; AND, if you believe it to be true, while this may appear to be a fruitless exercise, it is all assisting us in healing our past lives and getting us to the next level of ascension so that we need not return to the Earth plane again and again and are able to proceed to the highest levels of the spiritual realm”.

I must admit, even I was a little taken back when I read what I wrote, sometimes I feel like I know where my words come from, others I am 100% surprised to read things after I’ve hit publish.

Thinking about this, where I talk about how this life business can at times seem like a fruitless exercise, if we keep in mind and hold a belief that we are all, in fact, heading towards some kind of enlightenment, which, I believe we all are, then there is value in every single thing we do with our days and our nights.

I love all things astrology and things unseen, this I’ve talked about many a time in my words over the years. I am also a fan of synchronicity and believe in signs. I’ve been reading my horoscopes since I can remember and despite what people will say, it works for me. I’d not go as far as saying I’ve made solid life decisions based on reading my morning forecast, but I believe there is value in every piece of information we absorb, and if anything, so long as what we are taking in provokes thought, then what is the harm?

Each year I purchase a “Your Guide To The Future” from Jonathan Cainer god rest his soul (please note this is not a paid reference, I’m not about that life), and today’s entry was something that hooked my attention and prompted me to write what you are reading.

It reads;

“If everything really is pre-destined, what do that make us? Robots? Puppets? Why waste all that mental energy trying to reach decisions? Why eat up all those emotional reserves on worry? If nothing we can do will make a difference, we may as well just do nothing. Ah, but we can make a difference. Ah, but it isn’t all set in stone. The choices you make this very day will have a big impact on the way your future turns out. There is genuine potential now to fill your life with more love and fulfillment.”

Pretty cool right? Well, I think so.

There is much synchronicity in what is written here to what I have been experiencing these past few weeks, in that many conversations I find myself in start with something along the lines of “oh god, what is the point of all this? There must be more, there must be something else out there for me, for us”.

For as much I guess you could say desperation there is in such words, something that stands out more to me is that there is hope, there is curiosity, and there is a desire to be more than what we are.

Growth, expansion, learning, understanding, giving back, teaching, gratitude.

Those simple things in life within us that will ultimately see us through until the end, no matter how the story unfolds. Because no matter what this thing we call life really is, we know that more often than not it, whatever it is, has plan for us, and we can choose to go against this plan and do things the hard way, or we can choose to go with the flow, to just be, and just see what happens.

For as much as the first part can seem like the way we should go in that we are all guilty of feeling like this is a way of proving ourselves to others, when the entire time we are wanting to prove ourselves to ourselves, just giving into the fight and going with what comes, will achieve all of this, and much more.

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