Realizing Everything Is Nothing And Nothing Is Everything


In realizing that everything is nothing and nothing is everything, leaves nothing behind, yet everything at the same time.

Meaning, it is what it is, it means what it means, but is being what it is not meaning what it means? Depending on what meaning is applied to what is?

There is no good or bad, there only ever is what there is, what ever that means.


I was at one point but in realizing all of this and yet realizing nothing at the same time, I am now aware that this just is what it all is, being.

George Orwell’s Dystopian novel 1984 eludes to a world where essentially no one believes anything following a period of everyone believing everything. A world where people all of a sudden start to question everything they’ve ever been programmed to think by those who have come before them, who were essentially only doing the best they could with the knowledge they had at the time, which is all anyone can ever do.

Unless, that is, that those doing the programming knew very well what they were doing in that by keeping people’s minds busy and small, no one ever questions what they are actually doing, they just become money machines going about a meaningless existence on a metaphorical spinning wheel labeled life.

Go to school, learn some stuff, get curious about sex, try is out, maybe go on and learn some more stuff, get curious about doing an activity for an extended period of time and getting some money stuff for it, maybe look at other parts of the planet that you’ve seen in books, meet some other humans, but not for too long as you are starting to run out of that money stuff that is generated by you participating in a work activity that is essentially in charge of your well-being, whatever that means.

If you are lucky enough, you can participate in a work activity that is paying you some money stuff which is also putting some other money stuff away until you get old enough to be allowed to not have to do some work stuff and then you can live out the rest of your days on bread and water and say you’re ok with it because that’s “just the way it is”.

And it is just the way it is because you dare not question it and even though there is something niggling inside of you that is telling you something is so very wrong when you determine that your species is the only species paying to live on the planet, you are not quite sure what to do next as doing something different just seems to hard.

So you relax with the thought that there is some kind of life after this one and you say something along the lines of “oh I hope I come back as a cat in my next life” because you’ve been taught that there is more to life than the one you are attempting to live now because without a metaphorical carrot dangling in front of you, that being hope, you’d die, and you know that.

But should you talk about it then some of the other humans will look at you funny and should you say it to the ‘wrong’ ones, they’ll sedate you and call it ‘therapy’ and discuss at length how your line of thinking is not ‘normal’ according to a book written by those who are anything but.

And once you’ve entered this third dimension breakdown but your ninth dimension breakthrough, you are faced with an existential crisis of sorts, do you just try your best to ignore all that you are feeling and go on as you have been for so long? Or, do you explore what you are feeling and try to use your inbuilt methods of communication to seek out others who are feeling the same? Do you trust that when someone looks at you in a particular way that they are communicating with you on ‘your level’ if you will and that they are giving you a ‘signal’ that they to are experiencing what you are and that they too are willing to forget all of the previous programming input in their minds or brains, whichever you believe is really running the show.

Then in this search on the outer for all that will fulfil the inner, you start to remember what you were like when you were quite young, not long after you were taught how to do the basics, like feed yourself and poo, that you had a uniqueness about you that just was what it was, sure, one could argue that this came from the older humans that spent their days with you but suppose that this uniqueness started long before these moments. Suppose that there really is that higher purpose and facet to our being in that we really are all just nothing but for periods of time occupy these human skin suits and play a bit of a game down here on Earth. Suppose none of this is documented in a book that is read out to sheep on Sunday’s in buildings all around the world run by organizations that pay nothing towards the economy you are a slave to, but that’s ok because you’re being fed hope.


Suppose you just one day decide to break away from it all, live in the moment and take a few risks, what ever they are anyway, as a risk essentially is just a limitation placed on us by those again who have come before us and are projecting their experience of something onto us which is essentially fed by them not wanting us to prove them wrong, for fear of looking small, when really, we are all so small but have been led to believe we are so big and powerful because we speak English most of the time, yet have no idea how to really communicate.

But then you begin to work it out, you begin to finally be at peace with all that you have been feeling, realizing, learning for yourself, and you bring it all back and start to finally find those missing pieces to a puzzle no one ever asked you to do. You realise that nothing really is everything and everything really is nothing, but in doing so, you realise what makes you feel good and what makes you feel bad, and you no longer question this, and you being to do more of what makes you feel good, and less of what makes you feel bad, and your whole demeanour changes. Your words change, your skin changes, your eyes get lighter,  meaningless activities have less and less of an impact on you and you seem to truly embody your full spirit and metaphorically float through this thing we’ve termed life, on this thing we’ve called Earth, in this other thing we know as The Universe. And you question that too, but you’ve learnt that you are never going to know everything as you will only ever know what you know according to your own understanding of everything right in front of you, and you become ok with that, because becoming ok with that makes you feel more of the good, and less of the bad, and that my friend, is the long and the short of it!

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