The Present Moment Would Like To Connect With You

Present Moment

One of my oldest and dearest friends invited me to ‘connect on LinkedIn’ tonight. My first thought was literally that if we do, we would be more connected online than we are offline, and just how fucking sad that is.

So being 2017, naturally, I text him straight away to say exactly that and the following exchange occurred.

Present Moment

I suppose this exchange was quite timely in that this week I’ve been thinking a lot about how communication is so ‘banked up’ if you will.

In voicemails on our phones, emails, text messages, messages on other platforms, photos sent to us on various apps. Information captured at a point in time and then suspended in the ether until the recipient chooses to use their time to view, read, digest, respond, or, do nothing with, and go on with the present moment.

I’d like to flesh out a thought I’ve had on this and I am not quite sure if it will make any sense at all, but here goes…

I’ve always found it interesting how if all day on a Monday, you did not respond to a single text message, yet 20 people each sent you one, meaning x amount of ‘Monday time’ was essentially banked, yet you chose not to use your ‘Monday time’ to respond, but opted to respond on Tuesday, are you taking time that was allocated for a Monday, but using this time on a Tuesday, hence, lessening the time you have on your Tuesday, but you gained time on Monday, so have merely ‘moved’ time?

And thinking about this more, if once upon a time, your only communication with other beings was in real time, in that there was no technology or capacity to ‘bank time’ awaiting a response, does this banking of time essentially mean we are robbing ourselves of many precious moments being 100% present?

Getting back to the beginning, and how I realized tonight that I will be more connected to one of my oldest friends online, than I have been offline, aside from that being sad, that is just a sign of how busy we are being busy, how disconnected we are but believe we are so connected, it’s all a bit backwards, and concerning I think.

It really has raised some questions in my own life tonight and on top of my thoughts this week about what else in my existence, oh, I mean life is robbing me from just being, from just being me, from experiencing what is going on right in front of me, and it makes me wonder what I have missed, in the pursuit of something more, which, as we woke folk know, does not exist because all that ever exists IS the present moment.

And you know what? The present moment would like to connect with you.

You won’t find the present moment in iTunes, and you won’t find it on YouTube, or even on Netflix this month, for if you do go searching there for it, well, you’ve missed the entire point.

The present moment is in every breath, every smile, it is right in front of you, it is life at its most precious, just doing what life does, that being live. In the present moment there are no regrets, nor is there a chance to do something again, to edit, to re-write, or to delete, it just is what it is.

Present Moment

The present moment would like to connect with you; will you accept it? Ignore it? Or reject it?

3 thoughts on “The Present Moment Would Like To Connect With You

  1. effcaa Reply

    Hi Jamie,
    Really good point here. I see what you mean with moving/banking the time or shifting the direct response and hence not being fully present. I guess you are right. But on the brighter side, maybe this allows us to be more true to who we really are. Maybe there is more power to us individually. As I’m more able to do the things I like to do.. now. But nevertheless, I get your point and I agree that it is definitely scary to see the traditional friendship definition undergoing some sort of shift….
    Cheers from London,
    Finja ~

    • Scanphilosophy Post authorReply

      Hey 🙂 Yeah it’s something I’ve been thinking about for years and am always conscious of not trying to bank up too much time doing things that take away from the present and really being in the moment.

      I know what you mean though, there is definitely more power to us and I think a lot of us are just really learning what that means.

      It’s odd in that when I was younger, I had my whole future mapped out, but it was more or less based on a past that I learned about, and was taught my others.

      But then more I think about where I am going now, and the more uncertain things can feel, I am more relaxed about that than I ever have been and am just happy to go with it and let go of a “structure” of life that I felt I needed to bad, but have come to realise it’s ultimately kept me suspended from going forward!

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