I prefer not to call myself anything other than Jamie, but if I had to go with one label, I would call myself a storyteller. I took a year off the public service to spread my wings and explore my passions in life, that being writing, working with vulnerable youth, and spending more time with family and friends enjoying a slower pace of life. All of my writing is inspired by the people I meet, the conversations I have, and in particular, the stories that people have to tell.

I had a goal of writing two books in my year off and ended up hitting that goal and going far beyond it at the 8-month mark writing 5 books, self-publishing 3 and having 2 more underway. Writing for the screen has been something I have always wanted to do so I have been working on a couple of projects in this area also.

When I am not working or writing, which feels like never, I am discussing the philosophy of life with whoever will listen, reading or catching up on my washing!