HappinessThe Happiness Gap

Often in life, we are told to do what makes us happy and that as long as we are happy in our lives, then we have somehow made it. But what is this feeling of being happy? How do we know when we are happy? How do we measure happiness? Do we measure it against others? Against our wealth, or the wealth of others?

Happiness to me is an inner feeling of calm, and being content with life.

It is a knowing that there are going to be events that will occur which are outside of our control, but in realizing what we can and cannot control, we can remain at ease, knowing that all that happens to us in life is part of a larger process.

The Happiness Gap will take you on a peaceful walk, at times you may not know where you are going, at times you will be asked questions that you are not sure of, you will be given plenty of time to think. So with that being said, let The Happiness Gap take you on a walk, I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised at what this walk has in store for you.

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UtopiaThe Return To Utopia

In those moments where all seems lost, more often than not it is when all is found. The day started out like every other, but it was not long before the feeling, the tone, the light seemed different. They scrambled for answers, never short of questions, would it all fall on just one to help? Had he been training for this moment for his entire life? If not before? Only time will tell.

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PoetryA Year Of Poetry – A Journey To the Core

A year of poetry has been set with the intent to take you, the reader, on a journey from the outer layers of the Earth, back to the core, and at the same time, from the outer layers of your thoughts, back to solidifying who you are and what you are about as a soul on a journey as a human.

As you are embarking on your journey, so is the book itself, as the author had a vision of how this book was to come together and found his feet more and more along the way.

Each month moves through the colours of the Chakra colours, and guides you back to both the centre of the Earth and also the centre of who you are.

Each poem, thought, or collection of words is based on many things, the goings on in the author’s mind, in the minds of others, the goings on of the world.

You may find that you choose not to read this book from beginning to end, but rather carry it with you and choose to open to a page to see what it has to say, and then pause to reflect on the relevance of the story the words are telling to your life at that point, it really is up to you.

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The Boy Who Lived In The Woods

**Publishing contract received – currently under review**

This book started as a bedtime story I told and it unintentionally turned into a story about a boy who was left behind by his parents but chose to make the best out of a bad situation.

Also, the story is about how children have ways of communicating with each other that is not through the spoken word, and that they have such creativity in their communication styles in their early years, and that this is important not to dismiss.

This is going to be an interactive illustrated storybook to generate discussion between parents, caregivers, and children about making the best out of the sometimes bad situations that life can throw our way.

Confessions Of A Busy Mind

**Publishing February 2018**

50 poems and a brief description which do exactly as the title suggests, confess the goings on of a busy mind. Poetry to me has become my therapy, my way of making sense of the world, my way of making sense of my own thoughts and feelings. My readers tell me I time my work quite well and that it often strikes a chord so I decided to put together this book of poems to be released this year.