I established myself as a freelance writer and blogger writing about a number of topics; including business, corporate, life, mind body & soul, and much, much more. I have written since I can remember and for a long time, was filling up books, floppy disks and the hard drives of computers and laptops and ultimately doing not much else with it. A few years ago now, a friend of mine introduced me to the world of blogging and from there, I found my voice via the written word.

My ability to shift focus quickly, and adapt to any environment in an ever-changing world, has seen my work flourish in recent times.

I am a self-published author of three books so far and you can read more about these on my books tab.

Despite my background, I still maintain that I do not fit into a box, a label, or a category as to what I call myself. I just go by “Jamie”. I possess an educational background across many disciplines including; Social Science, Human Resources, Life Coaching, Project Management & Training and I have drawn from all of this to become the man, and professional I am today.

So whether it is writing you need, advice, or strategies, in your own life or in business, I am the man for you. My quick mind and ability to foresee where the danger lies in decision making based on years of observations and experience has seen my newest ventures grow rapidly, and it is only set to continue. With razor sharp communications skills and being not one to back away from a challenging conversation, I possess the skills you need to extract and put forward the required message needed to help you or your business thrive through communication.

If you would like to know more about how I can help you, contact me here.