I believe we all need to be in peak physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual condition in order to achieve what life has in store for us. Once all four aspects are aligned, we, as humans, can become almost unstoppable in our journeys and missions in life to achieve and accomplish what we must. My back ground in the social science’s and predominantly in welfare and youth work has allowed me to help many people of varying ages and social demographics and one thing I have seen time and time again is the strength of the human spirit shining through in everyone. My passion for helping people on a one on one basis in all aspects of their personal, professional and spiritual lives stems from the simplicity of this; everyone has the right to be happy!


– Individual one on one coaching

– Individual motivation techniques

– Workplace motivation

– Wellbeing in the workplace

– Work/life balance OR life/work balance

– Time management techniques

– Managing conflict in the workplace


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